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Hamco Flagpoles and Flag has been serving Cape Cod, Marthas Vineyard and beyond for almost 50 years!


In the mid 1960's, a retired businessman made Chatham, Massachusetts his permanent home.  Larry Hamilton loved the flagpoles and flags flying, a staple of many homes in Chatham. However, many of these poles were made of wooden boat masts or homegrown fashioned from trees. From rot to constant painting and upkeeping, these flagpoles needed to be replaced with something that would hold up to the harsh elements on the Cape and Mr. Hamilton found the solution, Fiberglass. He discovered a small factory that made well built fiberglass flagpoles.  That factory, PLP Composites, now located in Fitzwilliam, New Hampshire is still the proud manufacturer of the superior fiberglass flagpoles now known branded as Zeus Flagpoles.  Mr. Hamilton, known as "Ham" by many began his venture into the flagpole world and created Flags and Flagpoles by Hamco.  Mr. Hamiliton operated Hamco until the early 2000's.  Hamco and its flagpoles have stood the test of time and remains the  most trusted dealer and installer to date.  




Born and raised on Cape Cod, the Nugnes family eagerly and happily took over Hamco in January 2020. Andrew and his family spent months training, networking, and learning this wonderful industry and, in just one year, installed over three hundred flagpoles and repaired upwards  of a thousand and counting.  With all of this experience, it didn't take long to become flagpole "experts'.  We truly believe in getting and keeping flags flying and are committed to making every customer happy.   Flagpoles and flags are what we do.  We are a year round, full service flag and flagpole company and we love what we do!   Its been an adventure to connect with other flagpole "experts"  across the country to continually build our knowledge.  As members of the National Independent Flag Dealers Association we have taken an oath to only bring American made products to our shelves. In fact, most of everything we sell is made right here in New England and we love being able to say that!  We love the traditions of Hamco Flagpoles and Flags and strive to make ensure every customer and every flagpole receives the attention to detail they deserve. 

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